Title: Art and War II
Broadcast: Resonance FM
Date: March - April 2008

'Art and War II' - a 5 part mini-series exploring contemporary understandings of war through cultural representations. A series of interviews looking at accounts of war and conflict from 5 perspectives.

Almost 2 years after the first series of Art and War, Cecilia Wee interviews artists, curators and writers to interrogate how they examine militarised combat and conflict in their work. Each episode attempts to relate cultural representations of war to a category of war strategy.

Part One - Art and Politics
Peter Lewis, artist and editor of online journal /seconds discusses the significance of war and combat in aesthetic theory and as a recurring motif in contemporary visual art.

Part Two - Weapons and Tactics
German art collective BBM talk about their research into non-lethal weapons and the use of cutting-edge military technologies in their art projects, including TROIA.

Part Three - Propaganda
Richard Slocombe, curator at the Imperial War Museum, leads us through the current Weapons of Mass Communications exhibition to explore the functions and future of propaganda.

Part Four - War Memorials
Professor Paul Gough, artist, academic and writer discusses the aesthetics of war memorials, iconography of war commemoration and remembrance.

Part Five - War Gaming (revisited)
Andrew Sheerin and Andy Tompkins, creators of the War on Terror, the boardgame, talk through gaming strategies for their controversial invention and the game's comment on the contemporary geo-political landscape.