Title: Black Box Programme
Location: 4'33", Magazin 4, Bregenz, Austria
Date: July 2007
With: Leo Chadburn, Rachel Gomme, John Levack Drever
Link: http://www.bregenzerkunstverein.at/english/m4_4_33.htm
Media: Image

Semiotically situated somewhere between music studio and gallery, the Black Box Programme installs itself into a small room, presenting a daily changing programme of works for one audience member at a time. Each of the three contributing artists is asked to respond to the notions of silence, duration, anticipation and amplification - all significant to John Cage's 0'00" (4'33" No. 2). Whereas one might associate a liberal 'anything goes' ideology with this piece, the Black Box Programme artists consider the need for discipline and responsibility implicit in Cage's 1962 programme note. The audience is guided into (and out of) the space by an artist-invigilator. The Black Box Programme was commissioned as part of 4'33", a group exhibition about John Cage's legacy, curated by Peter Lewis and Wolfgang Fetz.

The exhibition was accompanied by a catalogue detailing the exhibited works and a series of posters designed by the participating artists which were installed in public spaces around Bregenz town centre.