Location: Germany/Slovenia/Sweden/UK
Date: May 2014 - April 2015
Link: www.bbm.cfnt3.de
Media: Images

ENQuETE art is the Experimental Nonpartisan Questioning of Enduring Technologies in Economy - an independent experimental study of sustainable technologies for the contemporary economy.
ENQuETE Art investigates the impact of the unleashed power of financial markets on our everyday lives. Artists and researchers cooperate to create tools for survival and social defence in the fields we consider to be the most infected by what John McMurtry describes as 'The Cancer State of Capitalism': work, health, security, climate, food - and, as the focus of all fields, the financial system.

ENQuETE Art is a series of exhibitions, workshops, conferences, public space actions and interactive formats. We expose commissioned work curated by a network of local curators of participating institutions across the EU.

The project will include a publication investigating ENQuETE Art's themes and commissions.

ENQuETE artÊhas received a grant from the European Union (EACEA Culture Programme 2007).