Title: Getting Intimate – On/Off-Line
Location: Distance Festival, Stoke Newington International Airport, London, UK
Date: June 2010
With: Steven Ounanian, Stephanie Polsky, MariaLaura Ghidini Link: http://www.fromadistance.co.uk

A discussion exploring temporal, geographical and bodily notions of intimacy. Reflecting on their individual practices as well as the festival as a whole, visual cultures writer Dr. Stephanie Polsky, together with Distance festival artist Steven Ounanian and Marialaura Ghidini, curator of Or-bits.com online art production and display platform, examine the value of intimacy today. The discussion looks at the social spaces and contexts made possible through new technologies and the ways in which art can allow us to engage in these issues with fresh eyes. Convened by Cecilia Wee.