Title: Grunts for the Arts
Location: Hackney Downs, Burgess Park and Rational Rec, London
Date: May 2007, September 2007, July 2008, September 2009
With: Charlie Fox, Tim Jeeves
Link: http://gruntsforthearts.wordpress.com/
Media: Image

Grunts for the Arts is a collective, made up of a multitude of interdisciplinary artists, who have come together in direct response to the manner in which grassroots activity is too often overshadowed by large-scale commercial projects and enterprise. First slip-sliding out of the womb of artistic creation in April 2007, addressing the decimation of Arts Council England's Grants for the Arts scheme, GFA boldly endeavoured to re-train artists as sporting professionals in East and South London, turning their attention to re-thinking the Olympic Dream in July 2008, just a few weeks before the Beijing Olympics. The collective addressed cheating, swindles and fraudulence in the wake of the MPs expenses scandals with the Great Track and Field Swindle in September 2009.