Title: Salon or Seminar
Location: Chelsea Space, E:vent Gallery, Whitechapel Gallery, Pump House Gallery
Broadcast: Resonance FM
Date: July 2006 - May 2007

Salon or Seminar is a series of cultural debates visiting different art venues in London in 2006 and 2007. It's like an arty radio version of the BBC programme Question Time. Each Salon or Seminar will centre around a theme (i.e. is media art really art?), with a panel of expert speakers and an audience who write in with a comment on the theme, turn up, and debate it. The theme of each event relates to an exhibition at the venue or the nature of the venue itself. The aim of Salon or Seminar is to bridge the gap between the formality of (academic) conferences and the deference of 'artist in conversation' talks. Everyone who attends is a participant - sending in a question or comment for the debate and getting involved.

The debates were recorded for broadcast on Resonance FM, London's art radio station,

Title: Salon or Seminar debate on Art and Politics
Location: Pump House Gallery
Date: Friday 25 May 2007 - Sunday 17 May 2007
With: Richard DeDomenici (artist in residence at Pump House Gallery), Laura Godfrey-Isaacs (curator of Home Live Art), Samuel Jones (culture and creativity at Demos), Peter Lewis (artist, curator, writer)
- Should art be socially relevant, and if so, how should this be assessed?
- Who should make decisions about artistic policy?
- How can art activate interest in politics and the public sphere?

Title: Salon or Seminar debate on Art and Music
Location: Whitechapel Gallery
Date: Thursday 22nd Febuary 2007
With: Lina Dzuverovic (Director of Electra Productions), Prof. Christopher Fox (Composer, Professor of Music, Brunel University), Eva Weinmayr (London-based artist)

Title: Salon or Seminar debate on media art
Location: E:vent Gallery
Date: 24th October 2006
With: JJ Charlesworth (art critic/writer), Axel Stockburger (artist and games theorist), Marina Vishmidt (writer, installation artist)
The debate will focus on the following questions:
- Does media art change the understanding of the term art itself?
- How is the relationship between the 'creative industries' and art reconfigured by media and digital art?
- How does the location of new media and digital art affect contemporary aesthetics?
- Is the term 'media art' still relevant in 2006?

Title: Salon or Seminar debate the concept of the salon
Location: Chelsea Space
Date: 25th July 2006
With: Simon Fisher Turner (musician), Stuart Comer (Curator of Film and Events, Tate Modern), Sarah Sarhandi (composer), Gina Birch (musician and film director (Libertines etc)), David Blandy (artist)
As part of 'TURTLE - an anarchic salon by Michael H Shamberg', Salon or Seminar invites you to take part in a cultural dialogue that starts with the concept of the salon.