Title: Shooting a Tiger and Other Stories of the Elephant and Castle Subways
Location: /seconds.org, issue 8, On Curating: Mad Love, Orphan Letters, Open Archives
Date: April 2008
With: photography by Joseph Wee
Link: http://www.slashseconds.org/issues/002/004/articles/cwee/index.php

A soundwalk of the subways at Elephant & Castle, which seem to be (at least for the time being) stable whilst everything around them changes with the aggressive regeneration/demolition/construction in the area. My dad worked in the Design Photography dept of London College of Communications for about 30 years, so I was a kid who visited frequently and was surrounded by graphic design students. The piece weaves together stories of local buildings, transport mishaps, UK politics as understood by a teenager in the early 90s, unrequited loves and snakes through the blurry lens of my (teen) memory.