Title: SpeedDataRadio - the Art of Seeing and the Art of Being Seen
Location: LIFT Southbank Festival, Southbank Centre, London, UK
Date: July 2008
With: Charlie Fox, Emma Hart, Jesse Oldershaw, Lucy Panesar, Matt Adams, Peter lewis, Russell Martin, Salome Voegelin, Sheila Ghelani, Mukul Patel, manu Luksch, Peter Lewis, Fahim Amir, Louisa Martin, Marcia Farquhar, Simon Tyszko, Resonance FM
Link: http://www.liftfest.org.uk/Lift-Festival-2008-Southbank-Centre-gallery/-$2428.aspx

An evening curated by Cecilia Wee focussing on surveillance and security with SpeedDataRadio opening the event, followed by the London premiere of Faceless, a film by London-based artist Manu Luksch, produced almost entirely from CCTV footage. SpeedDataRadio is a multiple roundtable discussion mixed down for live radio broadcast. No-one is able to hear everything. Participants can move between tables, members of the audience can join in. Subjects are assigned to each table to provoke and/or focus the conversation and we anticipate digression. The SpeedDataRadio format has previously appeared at ICA, as part of Radio Territories events (2006) and as part of the Self-Cancellation events with Gustav Metzger at Beaconsfield (2008).